- Bespoke Induction Solutions for new personnel and contractors

Bespoke safety induction solutions for new personnel and contractors

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is a bespoke interactive safety induction
package which assists you to...

  • Improve safety induction for new starters & subcontractors
  • Reduce management time, allowing more time to manage the business
  • Interact with voice-over to assist with class understanding


  • Improves safety inductions for personnel starting in your business and provides important safety information for contractors.
  • Significantly reduces management time, allowing more time to manage the business.
  • Totally interactive, with voice over capability and validation of understanding to match differing learning styles.

Achieve Consistency. Save Time.

  • Completely bespoke to your workplace, using your own logos, messages and images.
  • Delivery of consistent messages and information.
  • Available 24/7, 365 days per year – allows planning and preparation before arrival. Anywhere. Anytime.
  • Validate understanding through quizzing of personnel with feedback routes.

Right Information. Right Time.

  • No boring more safety inductions. Menu driven to cover specific information and risks in your workplace.
  • Innovative screen player provides access to specific webpages, key documents, glossary, frequently asked questions.
  • Embed video messages, personalised voice-overs from personnel or instructional photographs.
  • Configured settings to ensure user listens / watches all information.

How can I deliver it?

Output from can be delivered in a variety of formats.

  • Publish directly onto your website / intranet.
  • Via customised reporting software.
  • Through a dedicated learning management system.
  • can also be viewed by users through an iPad-driven application providing benefits for mobile information sharing.

Information Feedback

Customised reporting.

  • Configurable user information – such as name, company, contact details.
  • Score results and answer breakdown.
  • Progress, time taken, items viewed.
  • Date and time induction completed.

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+44 (0)700 349 7800

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Bespoke safety induction solutions for new personnel and contractors.
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